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Monday, September 30
if i never hear 'jump, jive and wail' again, that'll be just peachy with me.
Friday, September 27
15:46:34 dzhos: so, remember a while ago when i was all, like, working on building/setting up/etc this computer for kat and brad? okay, so they know, like, _nothing_ about computers. and kat's mom gave 'em this scanner. so she wants to get it all connected and whatnot, i'm not really sure what for. and she can't get it to work, partially because she knows nothing about computers and partially because that's a very old computer and a very new (and crappy) scanner and, probably, partially for other reasons i'm not thinking of. and she also wants microsoft word, because she wants to, like, use it for their wedding guest list and invitations and like that. and when i set up their comp, i just gave 'em wordpad, which, after all, is a totally sufficient, and efficient, word-processor, especially for an ancient machine like that one. anyway, so the other day i gave her an m$ office cd and promised to help w/the scanner later. and i also gave her a windows 98 cd, while i was thinking of it, because it might be necessary to install the scanner. and i said, y'know, just hang on to this for now, we might need it later. and so i was over there last night, and i found that she reinstalled windows.
15:48:09 dzhos: also, a while ago, she was telling me their monitor was broken. so i went over there w/an old monitor that i was willing to let 'em borrow, only to find that their monitor wasn't broken, just not plugged in. so i plugged it back in, and left my old spare monitor there. what can i say, i'm lazy. and now they're using my old monitor. i can't decide if i should be upset about these things, or hurt-feelinged, or nothing, or what.
15:48:18 dzhos: but what's up with you?
15:49:34 X----x: haha. don't be upset. they just dont get it.
a chain of fondue restaurants? now i've seen everything.

why does a&e run reruns of magnum p.i.? do they think that crap like magnum and third watch will make up for losing law & order? the poor saps.

Thursday, September 26
wow, there's a movie based on bret easton ellis's 'the rules of attraction.' i so can't wait.
i broke my commenting system. happily, nobody ever used it anyway. update: if you're reading this, and you wish to communicate something to me, try: aim--dzhos, or kookbox; icq--52483482. someday, i'll get around to putting something on this page.
Wednesday, September 25
wow, this time-warner 'on demand' thing is pretty nifty. i can summon things like dj shadow videos and episodes of 'beat the geeks' instantly. i wonder how long it'll take me to watch all the content i'm interested in, when they'll start charging for this, and if this is the sort of, like, web/tv crossover the big media conglomerates have been promising for so long. ooh, and how often they plan to update the content.

update: a blackalicious video and a dj shadow video--that's about as far as my interest in the music channel extends. also, whatever happened to the sega channel?

i think i've mentioned it before, but here are some excerpts from a book by those jump-the-shark people.
Tuesday, September 24
"i've never said this about anything before, but it feels good to talk about it."
wow, a lego harpsichord. astonishing.
yuck, i have billy joel's 'moving out' stuck in my head.
i hate to speak badly about a former cia agent (and no, this isn't about george bush), but this robert baer is on nightline, basically saying things in favor of torture. he is of the opinion that 'eventually, they'll talk.' the host pointed out that torture is illegal in the u.s. dude thoroughly brushed that criticism off. i suppose he's in a better position to know what's really going on.
Monday, September 23
they just started rerunning 'that 70s show' (has it been five seasons already? jesus christ), and promoting the reruns with a bunch of, like, horrid kiss promos. the thing is, though, after growing to really despise 'that 70s show' in the intervening years, i'm kinda rediscovering it a bit. i love the around-the-table shots. and, let's face it, i'm a real sucker for coming-of-age programs. i wonder if that has anything to do with my fondness, lately, for the piece of shit that is 'friends.'

is yoplait the official yogurt of lesbians? seems like this might be a pretty good place for a yogurt marketer to be.

wow, a tuck everlasting movie. does it seem like it's been a long time coming? those well-liked children's books seen tailor-made for crappy filmic adaptations--'lord of the flies' and that killing mr. griffin movie, finally released i believe as 'teaching mrs. tingle,' come to mind.
how old is serena altschul?
why are usb extension cords so expensive? supply and demand, i guess.
Friday, September 20
first the always-reputable new york times (was it jesse jackson that called it the 'jew york times'? or, like, louis farrakhan or somebody?) printed this article, seemingly endorsing the low-carb/high-fat atkins diet. now, they're running this article, which seems to backtrack pronouncedly from their earlier position. the old grey lady ain't what she used to be. but more importantly, what am i going to do about fat?
who's the other person in that willie nelson gap ad?
Thursday, September 19
Spacey Disputes NY Magazine Report
Wed Sep 18, 9:06 AM ET

NEW YORK (AP) - Kevin Spacey wants the world to know that he has never been to Fire Island.

In a letter to the editor in this week's issue of New
York magazine, the actor took gossip columnist Marc Malkin to task for reporting that Spacey was renting a palatial house on the island off Long Island's southern coast, complete with a private boat.

Spacey called the item, titled "Spacey out in Fire Island," a "total inaccuracy."

Spacey wrote that he'd never been to Fire Island and quipped that he couldn't possibly have visited the island because he had spent the summer at an amusement park in Boise, Idaho.

The actor then switched to a more serious tone.

"While I understand that most of your reporting is done in good fun and that this particular story does not appear to have been written with malicious intent," Spacey wrote, "it is so completely untrue that it seems to warrant a reexamination by New York of the freedom it gives to reporters who write anything they want without concern for the facts."

what's more irritating, spacey's barely-guarded fear at being taken for gay, his ignorance of political and constitutional reality or his eagerness to reexamine reporters' freedom to write what they want?

Wednesday, September 18
Commemorating the real-life 16th birthday of fraternal twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sweet 16 presents players with a series of mini-games covering a variety of outdoor activities and popular teen pastimes. Players experience events based on rock climbing, surfing, jet skiing, ATV racing, and fashion as they celebrate the magic of turning 16. Performing well at each activity earns players party points, which can be used to upgrade their dream birthday present: a new car. Yet before players can slip behind the wheel and cruise the streets, they'll need to pass the in-game driver's test.

this mary-kate and ashley game... wow. they compare it to 'classic party-style games.' i wonder what that means.

"society is always improved when people stand up and do what's right."--some ethics guy, on this pbs program endgame, which is pretty fresh. they've got david kaczynski, who dropped a dime on his brother, ted 'unabomber' kaczynski. it's 'interactive,' with a crummy online component.
"The record companies are like cartels, like countries, for God's sake," singer/ songwriter Tom Waits says. "It's a nightmare to be trapped in one. I'm on a good label (Epitaph) now that's not part of the plantation system. But all the old records I did for Island have been swallowed up and spit out in whatever form they choose. These corporations don't have feelings, and they don't see themselves as the stewards of the work. They are making shoes, and then they want to go to the Bahamas and get a suntan."

He advises new artists to "get a good lawyer and don't ever sign away your publishing rights. Most people are so anxious to record, they'll sign anything. It's like going across the river on the back of an alligator."

Waits joined the artists' coalition in hopes of exposing the industry's shadowy business practices.

"Artists really do need to communicate and organize," he says. "Don Henley is willing to get a haircut and go to Washington. I'm all for that."

if corrupt-record-company news is in usa today, it must be trickling down.

"We're on the threshold of a whole new system," says Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. "The time where accountants decide what music people hear is coming to an end. Accountants may be good at numbers, but they have terrible taste in music. I don't know how I'm going to get paid, but I'd rather go out into the brave new world than live with dinosaurs that are far too big for their boots."

it's a shame, hearing that kind of talk about accountants from such a rich man. and, incidentally, dinosaurs that are far too big for their boots? um, keith?

Sunday, September 15
"phil's death was a huge shock. andy's death we would've been prepared for."--dave foley
Saturday, September 14
people i vaguely know have livejournals: alex, adam, melodie... probably mad others. i'm still debating that, like, livejournal-on-one-end-and-greymatter-on-the-other dilemma.

in unrelated news, i just got snowcrash working, and now i can use my machine to control winamp on laura's (not through the junkbuster proxy, though. weird). i wonder if it's possible to forward a port on the freesco box and let people know what's playing. hmm.

i was hoping to contrast this slashdot thread with something from one of rachel's pals' livejournals, but now i can't find it. what can you do?
have you ever thought about wedding photography, digital images and copyright? this guy has. someday, i may find myself explaining to a wedding photographer that i'm only contracting their labor, and that i'll only hire them if they turn over the originals of every shot they take. i'm sure looking forward to that conversation.
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Sat, 14 Sep 2002 21:51:07 +0200
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 21:51:07 +0200
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[thirty-three addresses]From: ()
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x: 158979


now that's junk mail.

Friday, September 13
there's that juno commercial, where they're all talking about how aol and juno offer the same service, but aol costs twice as much. and, for some reason, the background music to this commercial is 'dueling banjos.' is the selection of a song most famous for its use in 'deliverance' meant to suggest something about the aol user experience? i hope so.
soon, one of laura's pals from work is coming over to help us w/computer dilemmas. i can't wait.
is amd trying to shut down? is it because of this widely-mirrored posting? ludicrous. at any rate, visit it redirected me to kuro5hin, but not before showing this great quote:

I promise you I will not stop until your company is bankrupt and your editors are in jail.
-- Jeremy Werner, Segment Marketing Engineer, Advanced Micro Devices

Thursday, September 12
nigerian email scam correspondence: hahaha. more scammer stuff links here. and, of course, a salon article and a snopes page. oh, and a bad novel.
school lunch photos. whoa. and bloggerbot's down again. morons warning it, i suspect.
there's a scene in the teevee edit of 'fast times at ridgemont high,' near the beginning, when spicoli and his buds (teehee) are in the all-american burger, and sean penn's talking about this guitar pick he has. he says mick jagger gave it to him, or something like that. eric stoltz is all impressed. and so spicoli gives stoltz the guitar pick. and stoltz says, like, 'wow, man, are you sure?' spicoli says, like, 'yeah, man, it's cool. you showed interest.' i want to be more like that.
ooh, bloggerbot's back up. so exciting.
99% of websites are obsolete, says this article. (including, no doubt, this one. all-lower-case went out with the macarena, and i've put off learning about stylesheets for years.)
here's more news about record sales figures. such a range of opinions on that topic, and all with such convincing data.
Wednesday, September 11
if pages aren't found, try replacing the '' in the url with ''. i'm debating whether i'm too lazy to fix 'em all.
Wednesday, September 4
During the story mode, you'll hear the characters speak in their own gibberish dialects, which consist mostly of lots of eeks and other generic monkey sounds, except for Dr. Bad- Boon, who sounds as if he's talking backward--whether this was intended to make him seem even more sinister or if AmusementVision is using subliminal marketing to sell more copies of Super Monkey Ball 2 remains to be seen.
A lagniappe of cultural kitsch and B-movie claptrap

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