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Friday, October 29
It's a paradise of Metafilter political discussion: WTC Bush ads, more poll analysis, Internets Vets for Truth, the Bush Pledge and What is Conservatism and What's Wrong With It?

And, non-politically, Stewart Brand reviews Spacewar for Rolling Stone.
Now I'm glad I waited. Here's the breakdown:

1. A Suicide Girls member (not one of the models) says that their favorite games include Mario and Zelda.
2. SG admin gets form letter from a Nintendo attorney.
3. The form letter is very widely publicized (in an Internet sense of the words, anyway).
4. Nintendo apologizes, even offering a free system and game (to steal a joke from about a million people, make mine Virtual Boy Panic Bomber and a 64DD).
5. Apology is widely publicized
(in an Internet sense of the words, anyway).

So how's that for a non-story?

Also, Slate staff disclose who they're voting for and why.
Sunday, October 24
These folks have video clips--Ashlee Simpson, Jon Stewart, they've got it all.

Here's some dubious FOAF inside scoop. Also, remember when the Bush twins were alleged to have smoked pot at some party at Ashton Kutcher's house? No connection--I just don't want people to forget.

You know who I kind of like? Keith Olbermann. Here he is offering to buy the O'Reilly sex tapes. Here are his round-by-round presidential debate scores.

Here's Listen Before You Vote, with, duh, lots of audio. From the Audible people.

Also, shoelaces. And a wonderful sign-ripping expose. I want to find something equally concise, and equally good, about post-Vietnam expectoration. In the meantime, here's the Mefi thread where I found the link. Also, crash-test footage, Tiny Mix Tapes (current front-page news: the black iPod, which I would totally lust after were it not for the U2 connection).

Here's a Mefi thread about this election and Catholics. Swing vote? And remember how kids (Nickelodeon-viewers, anyway) want Kerry? Well, teenagers (Channel One viewers, anyway) want Bush.

Oh, and speaking of video clips: Underground Clips, Demand Media, Free Speeches and OurMedia.

Oh, and McMonopoly.
Saturday, October 23
“The fact that there [might be] proof that he said ‘certain words’ is really killing me. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it brings a smile to my face. These are words that I say, and this motherf**ker is saying the same words that I say, and is criticizing me?”--Ludacris

Two views of the O'Reilly thing: Ludacris feels a sense of cosmic justice (from, and the reinvigorated Star (via Gawker) compares the alleged conversations to O'Reilly's alleged novel.

Wednesday, October 20
Here's a Slashdot interview with Neal Stephenson.

Have you ever said to yourself, "Self, you know what needs? Animated cartograms."? I know I have.

It's not often that sites like Gizmodo give negative reviews. But when they do, it's often a doozy. Good example: the TV-B-Gone. Wired seemed to dig it, though. What's a culture-jamming techno-geek to think?
Sunday, October 17
Another horrifying article about Bush and religion (via Mefi).

Also, these electoral-vote-calculating whatsits (PBS, LA Times) are fun, and shed some light on just how close the thing might wind up being.

And a short-story contest where I'm eager to read the entrants. And Karl Rove, that boy-genius-come-crooked-jagov.

Oh, and that other -filter site has something about the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Do you think that's something I could get in on? Note also that a lot of these gentlemen belong to 'beard clubs.' I'm going out on a limb here, but what are the chances that these groups' activities consist largely of beer busts, beer blasts, keggers, stein hoists, AA meetings, beer nights... It's wonderful, Marge!
Friday, October 15
Put me down for 'bullshit.' More to follow. Edit: Actually, I'm just going to leave it at that. Googling for phrases from the purported email is a good jumping-off point, for people interested in playing Detective Blogosphere themselves.

Also, Cooking for Engineers. If nothing else, I love their recipe formatting. It reminds me of the grids used for logic problems of the 'If Agnes drives a Buick, then the person who is a Chef does not live in Denver' school.

And, because it's Friday afternoon and I'm a lazy, lazy man, Roger, here are a bunch of Metafilter links presented with bold, dynamic exclamation points in the manner of an alarmist local-news teaser: Flash! Right-wing phone sex! Hidden drugs! Rising abortion rates! Infighting! Infiltration! (not the urban-exploration kind) What's the hidden link? Dominionists! (Not to be confused with Decepticons, Infesticons, Dominicans or Decemberists)
Wednesday, October 13
It's a real boom-time for Michael Jackson parodies. Besides the South Park episode 'The Jeffersons,' there's also the Law & Order: SVU episode 'Sick' (the protagonist runs a toy company, but the parallels are clearly there, especially since NBC promoted it as 'ripped from the headlines,' as is sometimes their wont). The new kid on the block is Eminem's 'Just Lose It' video, which the courageous folks at BET pulled after Mikejack complained. Mike's got a long relationship with BET, which is one of the reasons I don't expect the topic to be broached on The Simpsons any time soon.
Check out the New Voters Project's Youth Debate page. Bush, Kerry and Nader answer questions posed by the young people. Well, actually, they don't so much answer the questions as they go into vaguely-related sections of their stump speeches. If you're not familiar with this approach, check out tonight's debate.

The Youth Debate page allows visitors to the site to indicate their degree of agreement with the candidates' positions. My favorite question is the one that asks about a time that the candidate changed their opinion on an issue, which Bush declined to answer. If their results are representative, and I'm confident they're not, America's young voters are about equally keen on Sen. K's and Mr. N's positions, and notably less keen on Pres. B's. Actually, maybe that's representative after all.
Via metafilter, here's a Slate article about Bush and coded language. Remember that weird aside about Dred Scott? Yeah.
Monday, October 11
I'm not going to forward you any email, so here's a very good e-Skeptic article about science and the Bush administration. As if you need another reason to vote against the guy.
Wednesday, October 6
I seem to recall plugging recently. But, as noted in this Mefi discussion, they're not as timely as they used to be. Here are some other possibilities for the true poll heads.
Now this is an article about Bush I can sink my teeth into. Something for the cult-studs-and-crit-theory types, via Mefi, where else.
Just in case you haven't heard this story already: So last night, at the vice presidential debate, Dick Cheney responded to some of John Edwards' critique of his Halliburton profiteering by plugging Small problem: he meant to say Bigger problem: the owners of have redirected traffic to George Soros' site. Soros is, among other things, a wealthy financier and the author of The Bubble of American Supremacy: The Costs of Bush's War in Iraq (it's a book--the link's to an article of the same name). Oops.
Tuesday, October 5
My online pal Chelsea's short film, 'The Unhappy Medium,' is available for download at

My pal Ashley keeps plugging Two Faces of Bush.

It's some Anheuser-Busch product, a beer with caffeine and ginseng and whatnot. Now, I like a coffee brew as much as the next guy, and I'm still lamenting the long-defunct Red Hook Double Black Stout, but this is just ridiculous.

If NPR is any indication, it's pronounced 'B to the E,' which reminds me, inexplicably, of the closing theme to that Zorro movie, y'know, in the beginning of some Simpsons episode.

Here's Slashdot coverage.
Saturday, October 2
Closing all these open tabs:

Mefi mentions interlocking TV universes. Snazzy stuff. I imagine both L and N being entertained by this kinda thing.

PocketPC book database BookLib. I want something similar, which'll keep video games and DVDs too, and perhaps handle some, like, list of things I'd like to buy while it's at it. I'm also looking for something to use my PocketPC to control Winamp over a wireless network. Vinyl is very pretty, but also incredibly prone to inexplicable crashes when adding files to its database. Browseamp, WWWamp and Webamp are possibilities I've yet to look much into. I used to use SnowCrash for pretty similar purposes. The thing is, though, that everything I've mentioned except for Vinyl run as a webpage, instead of a program. The latter is a lot more aesthetically pleasing on the PocketPC.

Via Mefi, some great Fox News stuff: manufactured Kerry quotes (from Carl Cameron, the guy who gets called out in Outfoxed for being buddy-buddy with Bush. Why is he even assigned to cover Kerry?) and half-ass apology; negative Kerry coverage; Communists for Kerry (something like Billionaires for Bush, except that FNC treated these folks seriously) interview; Greta Van Susteren (Murdoch calls her a liberal), plastic surgery and Scientology.

Here's an old-time browser emulator.

Also, I just saw a Diet Coke commercial with a Lyrics Born song in it. At least it's not St. Ides, right?
Reading-group-inspired links:

Slashdot article about voting methods

Arrow impossibility theorem

Recent Chris Hitchens interview
(via Mefi)
Neil Bush, scumbag
Tinfoil-hat debate discussion
Debate analysis (more Mefi)
Bush video clips
Friday, October 1
Debate links: some from, and from this Metafilter thread, which is absolutely chockablock with worthwhile links. I'm not even including the one where James Stockdale explains 'Who am I? Why am I here?' Okay, yeah I am.

But here's Tavis Smiley commentator Connie 'not to be confused' Rice's Top 10 Secrets They Don't Want You to Know About the Debates. And here's a recent Bill Moyers transcript. I've gushed before about C-SPAN's coverage of this election, so let me just say here that when wildly underfunded public broadcasters do a better job reporting than megaconglomerates with virtually unlimited resources, well, you don't need a dead canary to tell that something's seriously wrong.

And some FAIR articles: The Compromised Commission on Presidential Debates, and Presidential Debates Are Duopoly by Design. And, from, here is the redundantly-titled Deterring Democracy: How the Commission on Presidential Debates Undermines Democracy. Ooh, and, lest I forget, the 32-page Memorandum of Understanding (on Kerry and Bush's sites) and the Committee on Presidential Debates list of 'national sponsors.'

Ooh, and a transcript.
A lagniappe of cultural kitsch and B-movie claptrap

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