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Thursday, February 28
wow, an x-ray spex video on vh1 classic. awesome.
Wednesday, February 27
look, it's shaun and adrianne's couch.

the black-eyed peas are in a dr. pepper ad. eww. i like dr. pepper.
Monday, February 25
wow, this wonder years episode has dustin diamond in it.
this mingus big band album is really very good.
goddammit, my phone's been 'temporarily disconnected.' i'm so not surprised. i'll try to check my email frequently in the meantime, especially the ksu and addresses (easiest). i only found out about the phone when i tried to call my bank's automated information line.

please, if you have the opportunity, complain to them about them.
Saturday, February 23
dammit, mandrake doesn't want to recognize my second monitor.
i just talked to kara. she talked to the landlord, and explained the situation, and kara's getting off the lease. i am supposed to visit the landlord on the first and have the landlord write up a new lease. kara and i are signing over the utilities, like, as soon as possible.
goddamn, that was a big ordeal. earlier today, kara, who's in the process of moving out, took her phone. the reasons why are unclear to me, as not only does she have another phone she could take, but she's not even close to finished moving, and, as i understand it, the phone's not even set up at the new place. anyway, she unplugged her phone. and she left me this note:

which i can't find right now. anyway, she unplugged her phone, but didn't plug the answering machine and caller id box back in, as she couldn't figure out how. now, after suspending the initial disbelief that someone couldn't figure out how to connect a caller id box, answering machine and phone, there's also another issue: why unplug those things in the first place? i mean, the phone's got two cords, one with a phone jack at the end and one with a power jack. you unplug 'em both and the phone's unplugged. why unplug anything else at all? and speaking of unplugging things for no reason at all, she also cut off the power to my computer--and, seemingly, managed to give the cpu a good bump. that was enough to send my temperamental cpu fan over the edge. the next time i powered the machine up, it sounded like someone had replaced the fan with a coffee can full of gravel. so i went to the compusa.

i bought a new fan and some heatsink paste stuff. i also browsed the video games a little bit, kinda debating buying 'state of emergency' or 'fifa 2002' some more. and i stopped off at best buy, to get a toslink cable, so that i can enjoy 5.1 sound from my ps2 (which reminds me, i ought to buy another one for the cable box, or else get that one from shaun and connect it to my cd player--my receiver only has two digital inputs). and i also went to barnes & noble, and, like, why? what a hellhole. anyway, so i finally got home, just aching to install this fresh new fan (it's got a huge copper heatsink, and it's quiet, too). and i got home, and took off the old fan/heatsink. everything was loverly, except that when i pulled out the heatsink, i also pulled the chip out of the socket. and, i bent some of the pins, of which there are, like, hundreds. so i painstakingly bent 'em back, then, terrified, put the chip back in. tightened everything down and powered it on. well, everything was great, except it wasn't booting. after some trial- and-error, i wound up putting the chip again, pushing it down a good bit harder this time. but when i took the fan out, the insane assembly that holds it to the socket came apart in my hands. and i sure didn't remember what it looked like. so i put the fan back together and hoped for the best. well, it stayed attached, and now everything, seemingly, is chill.
Friday, February 22
rachel will be thrilled.

Thursday, February 21
at the thrift store today, i got an old aacr2, from '78. it's got a brown cover. i think it's the first second edition, so to speak. the weird thing, though, is that it's not a library copy. so, most likely, someone bought a copy of 'anglo-american cataloging rules,' in 1978. they hung onto it through, like, two revisions (dark green 1988 and light green 1998--that's right, i catalog books by color), yet decided to get rid of it now. why get rid of it? why now? ooh, maybe somebody died. ooh, maybe their job opened up.

kara: i haven't slept in a couple days, so i think i'm going to go to sleep.
this commercial just called barbara streisand 'the world's most important female vocalist.'
Wednesday, February 20
goddammit, don't people ever learn? you know the cat likes eating human leftovers. you know the cat likes knocking over the trash can. now, when you put some chicken bones, with meat still on 'em, in the trash can, you don't have to be schroedinger to figure out where the cat is headed.
saucony? totally played out, though not nearly as much as those stupid 'all-terrain' new balances. they're like the nissan xterra of footwear.
the unauthorized software is in this case aim 4.3.
AOL Instant Messenger (8:39:35 AM): You have been disconnected from the AOL Instant Message Service (SM) for accessing the AOL network using unauthorized software. You can download a FREE, fully featured, and authorized client, here .
cinderella ii? absurd.
Tuesday, February 19
on, seemingly originally from new breed librarian:

I ask that EVERY new MLS grad apply for at least one ridiculously low-paying position, and then, during the interview, ask the highest ranking person you meet why the salary is so low. Think of this as a way to "make your bones" in your new profession....I will send a crisp, new FIFTY DOLLAR BILL to the librarian who identifies the LOWEST paid position currently advertised for a FT professional librarian's position in the US.
why is there another name on my mailbox? if i were an optimist, i could read it as signifying agreement with my 'if he isn't living anywhere else, and all his stuff is here, he's living here' position. i'm no optimist, though.
ooh, vh-1 classic just showed peter gabriel's 'big time.' it's the first time i've seen that video on the network, despite seeing 'sledgehammer' about a half-dozen times, and despite that 'sledgehammer' and 'big time' are total, like, companion videos. ooh, 'smooth criminal' and 'beat it.' this tuesday two-play is the jam.
adrianne's fresh new tattoo is the jam.
am i in fact an early adopter?
Sunday, February 17
i just returned from columbus, and now i'm at the computer lab. it was a nice visit. among other things, i ate these appetizer items which involved chicken, ham, swiss and ricotta. delicious.
Friday, February 15
ooh, someone from skidmore is downloading bob dylan's widmark demos from me. it's, like, a bootleg of a bootleg, making it ideal for winmx. and it's awesome, making it ideal for albumwrapper.
Thursday, February 14
i am passing on the temptation island finale in favor of a frontline about obesity and the diet industry. this is not a hard decision.
ooh, i just got 990 at super monkey ball monkey target. it's a new local record. my pals and i aren't really very good at it.
Monday, February 11
wow, this 'word freak' is the jam. someone played 'darkies' in the final game of the 1990 scrabble nationals, but it was edited to 'darkens' when good morning america showed an image of the board the next day.
i am mr. early-to-work. and i've got to check my cataloging homework, ideally by finding an online marc verifier.
Sunday, February 10
golden earring sang 'twilight zone'? i would've thought they just had the one song. and speaking of the twilight zone, do any of my legions of readers have a copy of that twilight zone with the man who breaks his glasses? do you know anything about ipnetrouter? how about all the things that one must remove to get rid of all traces of a clonecd install?
i hung with colette, and had dinner with her family. salmon, shrimp, two kinds of cake... it was delicious.
Friday, February 8
"as soon as i leave the store someone's going to bring in something i want, so it's almost a compulsion to come back."--half-price books teevee ad
kookbox: but, like, that'll likely never happen. though it's occurred to me that a personal library catalog, especially one w/a web and telnet interface, would really be mind-blowing on a resume.
kookbox: writing my own cataloging/database unix program, with html and telnet frontends, for personal libraries and then releasing it under the gpl? cataloging all my books and cds and media objects and whatnot? yeah, maybe if i was an unemployed insomniac.
kookbox: i got a bart nightlight at the thrift, and a bob dylan demos bootleg from the cd store.
kookbox: and big youth's screaming target (!), and don byron, a de la single, a doomed final house of pain album, fockers hi-fi, a dj cash money old-school mix cd and de la soul is dead.
kookbox: i would really love to make a marc database and catalog all my stuff, yeah. and if i did that it'd probably be with unix programming.
kookbox: i don't know if i'll ever do it. it'd be a big ordeal, especially w/marc-compatible cataloging.
ooh, michael moriarty is eating a soft pretzel. i'm hungry.
Thursday, February 7
i hate being at my house so much now. and, the way things are looking now, i will most likely continue to feel that way as long as i live here.
Wednesday, February 6
nutshell toolbar
sestina kook.

googlewhacking. it's even more compelling than the image search.
is shopping research?
oh, what, what, what am i going to do?
Tuesday, February 5
here's a picture of him, for people who might be curious.
why is chrissie hynde singing 'i got you babe' with ub40?
Monday, February 4
i want to start a tow truck company, one where each truck has a phone number on it, and, like, they spend a fair amount of time driving around looking for business. i'd love the commercials. 'sick of tow trucks passing you by? get on that cell phone and call soandso towco.'
this is some freaky shit.
Sunday, February 3
i own that game, but journey sucks like whoa. it might be nice to play now, though, if only because time has taken care of the groupies, photographers and promotoers.
You're on the road with Journey, one of the world's hottest rock groups. A spectacular performance has just ended. Now it's up to you to guide each Journey Band Member past hordes of Love-Crazed Groupies, Sneaky Photographers, and Shifty-Eyed Promoters to the safety of the Journey Escape Vehicle in time to make the next concert. Your mighty manager and loyal roadies are there to help, but the escape is up to you!
i don't know anything about the cop-killing rapper cool c.
Saturday, February 2
this computer lab is used by graduate students, for chrissake. who is, like, putting gum under the desks?
i'm really glad i didn't play high school football, if only because, like, i have thus escaped the pathos of having to fondly recollect it for the rest of my damn life.
it sure didn't take long in library school to, like, completely forget about the jock morons and britney wannabes that more typically populate the college universe.
you're one of a kind... be an original... be you... there's definitely some unintended humor in having garth brooks deliver that message. they should've gotten alternative heartthrob chris gaines.
Friday, February 1
"do you ever go to my old apartment over there?"
"yeah. you don't live there any more?"

if these people can use unix/linux, anyone can.
For instance, it would note if an individual lived at the former address of someone considered high-risk. Theoretically, the system could be calibrated to watch for people with links to restaurants or other places thought to be favored by terrorist cells. It might also note phone calls and match individuals against government watch lists. A potential link to a threatening character or region could boost a passenger's score, he said.

one more reason i may never fly again.
the conversation these two people are having is so stupid that, like, i don't want to paraphrase it for fear of making it sound too smart.
okay, it's definitely shortly after nine in the morning, i have soap in my eyes and i am sitting in this unix/linux workshop. "an operating system (OS) is the most important program that runs on a computer." oh, i dunno. it depends on what you mean by 'important.' a lot of my non-techy windoze pals would be perfectly happy with a linux box, as long as it had, like, aim and a browser.
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