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Friday, November 30
i'm soon to go visit laura. woowoo.
Thursday, November 29
"i can't help any of you morons. 'how do i print?' 'how do i save?' control-s! it's always control-s!" i love these king of the hill reruns.
there's a new opera 6 (well, for windows and linux, anyway). and apparently it fixes a big java bug. but i don't have java installed on either of my machines, so that's not really a concern. but the thing is, that new opera adds an optional single-document interface. i love how this press release refers to ie and netscape users 'graduating' to the multiple document interface.

"it's like that book they took out of the school library. i've got two dads."--bobby hill
Wednesday, November 28
on my way home, i passed a cuyahoga valley line train (the tracks run near my house). it's wonderful to live near active train tracks, especially since it's not just freights but the ol' scenic line. i want to go on a night-time train ride.

ooh, this law & order is inspired by the puffy shooting. but there's no shyne (kinda like in real life), and j-lo's black. dude who got shot, 'bone,' has a one-sheet from the newish krs album on his wall. i seem to recall making a similar diary entry a while ago about a different l&o, a d.o.a. album and some nazi kid. "g-train," the puffy character's name is. orbach: 'hey, even i know who g-train is.' epatha merkerson called him 'the prince of hip-hop.' 'good to know the hip=hop industry is recession=proof'--steven hill ali williams = j.lo. top dog = bad boy. mega fly = club ny. (incidentally, a place called 'club ny' in times square sort of sounds like a trap for foreign tourists, doesn't it?) 'from what i've read, he's a middle-class kid from the suburbs'--dianne weist. 'don't put hip-hop on trial'--sign held by protester. this episode is hilarious. wow, 'bone' called 'train' a 'sellout.' but 'train' claims that 'bone' told him he didn't really care for his music. his words--'like a diatribe.' so train asked him when his latest cd went platinum. awesome. i think it was the source that suggested the possibility that bone was in fact some famous baller guy who accused puff of being, like, a fake criminal. sort of the antithesis of that jeru song 'you playin' yourself.' 'yeah, well, they tell me i have to be hard to sell records. if i didn't listen to that, maybe none of this would've happened.'--diddy--er, i mean, g-train.
it kind of depresses me that i'm, like, utterly incapable of making friends with any of the people i go to school with. i don't think shyness on my part is the problem.
oh no, i think that thesauri/ontology class was cancelled. what will i do?
Sunday, November 25
"it's a lot of noise. but noise doesn't mean power."--man on 'junkyard mega-wars.' this animation is hilarious.
dammit, why do i never remember the days the computer lab is closed? sigh.
archie bunker doesn't like ralph nader. well, like, duh, i guess. but is that another reason to like nader? hmm. ooh, lightning. i love it.
Saturday, November 24
instead of the simpsons, tomorrow evening, fox is airing 'the phantom menace.' yeah, a lot of phantom menace fans haven't seen it already, and don't own it in one form or another. please.
this tlc documentary, which even has james twitchell in it, suggests that male shoppers have, like, higher-than-usual blood pressure. higher heart rates too. "blood pressure and heart rates... the equivalent of a combat pilot... or a riot policeman." "everything in the 21st century is a discretionary purchase." wow. tlc's pretty good, for documentaries. and the commercials are aimed at cat owners and computer shoppers instead of herpes sufferers and people looking for jobs. like this ibm commercial, which finds its humor in the idea that laptops are impossible to rebuild once disassembled. i wonder how they decided to do it w/laptops instead of pcs. well, because they had a laptop to sell, i suppose. smell is the "new frontier in advertising." dammit. and it'll be pervasive well before i die. ooh, pervasive. that could be a good scrabble word. two 'v's, ooh yeah.
i am so about to spell 'qintar' in scrabble, one of the q words that doesn't have a u. another is qoph, by the way, and qat. but, like, as soon as kara plays, here comes the qintar. ooh yeah. i'm still going to lose to laura though. but wait, maybe i'll come back and win. darkening mike jack on that special--wow.i won after all.
Thursday, November 22
it was a very scrabble-finding sort of day for me. after i dropped kara at the greyhound, i went to the thrift. and there, among other less exciting things, i got an old scrabble sentence cube game, scrabble rebus and scrabble upper hand. the latter two i've never even heard of before in my life.
Wednesday, November 21
why, i'm on win2k, right now. ridiculous. though the gui enhancements are nice. alpha-blended geoshell, ooh baby.
unprofitableness: debian or mandrake?
"she is the most significant female artist in history."--madonna commercial
Monday, November 19
well-meaning girl to chinese guy: are you going home for christmas?
chinese guy: home? (incredulous) i can't afford it. also, christmas is meaningless in china.
i'm a firm believer in etiquette. but i'm also a firm believer in treating other people like i'd like to be treated. and i think there's something that approaches contradiction in the synthesis of the two. i'd like to have people tell me when they think i'm wrong, when they think i'm screwing up, etc. and i don't feel like i'm always telling people that kind of stuff, as it can often be taken as sort of impolite. i'm not referring to, like, things people do that make me unhappy, as that's a different category entirely, but to times when, like, it's nothing personal, but i just think that someone around me could, like, do something better. i usually don't tell 'em. i ought to work on that.

oh, and those xbox commercials where drooling teenage boys talk about sexy female fighting game characters? eww.
Sunday, November 18
meteors are so goddamn cool.
i played scrabble with shaun, and i spelled 'grackles,' using all seven letters, on a triple word score. it was 107 points, all in all. i rock the scrabble bells like i'm uncle l. i am not interested, however, in battling the guy wyclef calls 'tin man' now.
Saturday, November 17
these vh1 gender documentaries are horrid, and remarkably compelling. hmm. sure, the calvin klein ads are infamous, but is the fiona apple video? "sexual expression has now been reduced to a marketing tool." bwahahahaha
Friday, November 16
this documentary, 'the fine art of separating people from their money,' is mad fresh. tony scott definitely just said he used the same shots in first 'crimson tide' and then a marlboro ad. apparently, he got the job doing 'top gun' after they saw a saab commercial he did with fighter planes in it. " francis coppola does commercials, martin scorcese does commercials." wim wenders thinks that advertising used to emulate art, but now it's the other way around. david lynch did an adidas commercial. a goddamn amazing one. michael j. fox was initially cast in those pepsi commercials after being in 'back to the future.' "i think celebrities are the ideal solution for the lazy advertising man"--some ad industry guy. anthony quinn (!) just compared tony scott to fellini (!) eww, david bowie said 'orientating.' but he's definitely smoking. wow, this advertising guy has a, like, sidekick. he keeps saying 'that's the business.' what the flood?
Thursday, November 15
when did hazard flashers become the, like, i'll-park-wherever-the-hell-i-want-so-fuck-you signal? for that matter, why is it seemingly the corporate policy of fedex and ups to block traffic in the middle of city streets?
i'm crazy about freeamp and k-meleon lately. well, i'm not all about k-meleon to the exclusion of opera. for some reason, though, trying to sell people on opera's downright impossible. kind of a drag, as i think it's, like, a genuinely superior product. but k-meleon's open-source and oprea isn't, and i'm nuts about open source. i might even ditch my bisexual-inclusion-within-gay-and-lesbian-special-collections research paper topic in favor of writing one about open-source within libraries. uggh--mainstream nyc djs like funk flex and clue, and their habit of constantly shouting their own names... it's so goddamn annoying.
favorite movies of wu-tang clan members:
prince rakeem: deadly venoms, the godfather, star wars
the genius: roots, deadly venoms, the five heartbeats
tony starks: dead presidents, juice, south central
raekwon the chef: once upon a time in america, the five heartbeats, scarface
the ticallion stallion: orgazmo, the matrix, the best man
u-god: the shawshank redemption, the beach, scarface
the rebel ins: enemy of the state, manace ii society, king of new york
masta killa: the godfather, heat, cooley high

i forget where this appeared, but i'm thinking i got it from one of my boss's playboys when i still worked at the porno theater. note that ason unique/big baby jesus/ol' dirty bastard's opinions aren't recorded. i think he might've been in jail at the time.

the all music guide is a great site, but the related artists section is mostly useless. what do mos def, tricky and dan the automator have in common? that's right, they're all similar to raekwon.
alex (talking about immigration): latka, do you have your papers?
latka: zig-zags?

i'm amazed the censors let that get through.
i'm watching this stupid vh1 porn to rock thing. it's unspeakably bad. and it's gotten me thinking about, like, the phrase 'rock star,' and that marky mark movie about tim 'ripper' owens, and 'so you wanna be a rock'n'roll star' and that jurassic 5 song about how they're not superstars, and my friend mariah, and, like, mainly how the last thing on this earth i would like to be is a rock star. kurt cobain agrees.
Wednesday, November 14
i love napping.
what kind of person manages to be a big kahlil gibran fan in the 21st-century united states?
this woman who's in several of my classes, who i totally loathe, revealed today that she didn't know what the WPA was. Also, she doesn't know what HTML tags are, but that was earlier in the semester.
for some reason, i'm trying to decide what the worst billy joel song is. wow, are there a lot of possibilities. i'm pretty sure that if i were a vietnam vet, it'd be 'goodnight saigon.' likewise, if i were a catholic woman, it would likely be 'only the good die young.' i'm thinking the worst one might be 'we didn't start the fire,' but it's hard to separate the awful song from the awful video. besides, i'm more from the 'it's the end of the world as we know it' generation, and that might be coloring my response.
eating: a clementine
drinking: bilberry nectar
listening: massive attack
reading: 'jon-benet,' steve thomas
i was going to make all those things links, but, like, i'm running late for class as it is, and i have to find a paper clip.
i basically know three jokes. the punch lines: so the man dropped dead. "hey, i fucked your dog, i shat in your purse, i'm out of here." "i'm just kidding. he's dead."
Tuesday, November 13
wow, now my pal rachel also has a lame online journal. am i the only one for whom matmos' 'a chance to cut is a chance to cure' and herbert's 'bodily functions' are inextricably mentally linked? nah, probably not.
wow, i need to plunge the shower drain, like, right now.
those schmucks at time-warner cable (my cable company and isp) have some newish commercials featuring bugs and daffy talking about the disadvantages of satellite dishes. this seems to me like an incredibly stupid idea. in the long term, those warner bros. characters are valuable intellectual property (evidenced for example by the continued popularity of wb clothing among trashy people like trick daddy), and diluting those characters with crappy animation and terrible voice acting, in order to sell cable to people who are buying it already, seems remarkably short-sighted.
Monday, November 12
"hey, 'let's get busy' ought to be the motto for the country right now."--clinton on arsenio.

i'm glad i got the audiobook of joe eszterhas' 'american rhapsody,' read by joe eszterhas--but mainly because i got it for about a buck at the thrift store. i'm also glad i have a newspaper clipping of his father's obituary, though i'm not glad the old man died.
ooh, ksu is showing 'live nude girls unite' on thursday and friday. it's exciting. i think kara and i are going to go on thursday.
i bought a copy of left behind at the record exchange today. it was a dollar, which was a little more than i was looking to pay for this particular film. but, as you'll never hear kirk cameron say, to hell with it. the great thing about buying it secondhand is that i can be confident that the creators of the film won't see a dime of my damned money.

as an aside, is, while only occasionally useful, the jam.
i've gone streamripper crazy, and not for the first time. i've been wanting to listen to internet 'radio' more and, like, this might be the only way it'll happen. incidentally, live365 is a huge piece of crap. coincidentally, the fine folks at live365 have put some legal pressure on the streamripper programmer. all versions of streamripper after 1.2.2 are live365-lawyer-compliant and therefore can not be used to rip live365 streams. equally coincidentally, live365 has ads while shoutcast, well, might have ads. and even more coincidentally, i seem to recall reading something at fuckedcompany about live365 laying off a third of its workforce.
Saturday, November 10
those schmucks in incubus stuck their heads out of their blacklit weed-smoking room long enough to do a little self-censorship. they made a video that featured, in an apparent reference to the monkees' 'head' (directed by jack nicholson, and that's just the beginning of weird things about that movie), shots of the band members jumping off a bridge. but after 9/11 (mtv personalities seem to have settled on the pronunciation 'nine-eleven,' which porsche must be thrilled about), the attractive young men in incubus decided to record a new video with cheesy home movie footage. as dave barry writes far too often, i am not making this up.
"going the way of tech stocks are old-school rockers like bush and the cranberries." can you guess on which television network that statement was uttered? why, it's from mtv's new 'bangin' the charts.' this show is great! seldom is mtv so honest about how it's all about the money. about the only downside is that it's hosted by that jackass sway. well, and the set's goddamn hideous. yeah, lenny kravitz definitely took 'a page out of moby's playbook.' bwahahaha. 'this is a whole new business--it's all about mass media--getting yourself everywhere.'--lenny. wow.
i got this loony trackball at the thrift today for $2.50. it's got a phenolic ball, whatever the hell that means, and is a straight wonderful time. it may replace my snazzy lighted logitech one.
Friday, November 9
drew carey, like a lot of middle-management office workers, has a g4 cube, and that absurdly appealing apple cinema display.
i got a really appealing chinese checkers set today at the thrift store. i really loathe checkers, finding it something like chess for dummies, and i don't think i've ever played a game of chinese checkers in my life. but the box is awesome.
i'm about to go to the mechanic's, to get a new headlight put in my car. either something's wrong with my electrical system, or i'm just phenomenally unobservant. maybe both.
amish pretzel recipe, ballpark pretzel recipe, new york city pretzel recipe, pennsylvania dutch pretzel recipe... criminy.
Thursday, November 8
"i don't really see it as a sellout. i think that anyone who does ought to move to russia."--paul mccartney
"one of my reasons for wanting to do the diet coke thing: they gave me loads of money."--george michael
ooh, rachel and i are making pretzels--arguably, rachel's making the pretzels--and waiting for the yeast to rise. i so can't wait.
i'm playing this dreamcast bomberman, and it appears the wonderful folks at hudsonsoft decided to include a 'paint' mode, where one must use bombs to change the color of the floor panels. i'd compare it to tony hawk graf mode. anyway, the thing is, bomberman paint is amazing. hudson should've thought of it years ago. it's wonderful.
Wednesday, November 7
my professor: "in a school, you could go weeks or months without talking to your principal."
fellow student/elementary teacher: "i try to."
from aim: "The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until sending is re-enabled and send the message again." rate limit? ludicrous. here is a product whose only purpose is sending messages, and it won't let me send a message. not only would i be better served by a competing client, i'd be just as well served by no client at all. it must be nice to be a monopolist.
now playing: buddy rich and max roach. now consuming: mr. pibb, and a djarum istimewa. now reading: tribal tattoo designs, marten hesselt van dinter. that book is simply amazing. i want a dayak sleeve like nobody's business. ooh, now playing: saul williams. amethyst rock star is the shiznit. oh, but i just learned he's in that k-pax movie with the regrettable spacey. that's too bad.
what did the wayne brady show last, four episodes? ooh, wait, it looks like it got renewed. another six episodes. hmm.
no bozo jam, c-squared... "what does a guy do to get served around here, put a hole in his nose?"--chris noth. wow, pop music on law & order is so terrible.
i ought to buy more teevee show episode guides. i have the simpsons ones, of course, and a law & order one, and, inexplicably, an odd couple one--i totally want mad additional ones. family ties, the muppet show... not so many additional ones, i suppose, after all. though i'm sure i'm forgetting some.
wow, this street smarts woman definitely thought bart simpson's favorite teevee clown was bozo. there's definitely a bozo up in here, and it's sure not herschel krustofsky. or rory b. bellows.
i am so all about the flavored mayonnaise lately. also horrible game shows.
Monday, November 5
these elimidate people definitely have something in common: they're both bartenders. yeah they are. dating shows are all about the booze. "my anti-drug is alcohol"--some bozo
there are, like, ridiculous people on aretha's buddy list thing. it's nuts nuts nuts.
Saturday, November 3
is carson daly a media whore with few rivals? is he going to be one of the few mtv stars that transcends the channel? will he be the dick clark of the new millennium? is he a big schmuck?
gruyere--i am a huge fan. aretha and i went to baja fresh. the chicken quesedillas are, like, delightful, even more than their usual tasty items. the chicken seems differently seasoned or something. delicious. it's awful, but earlier today i got a speeding ticket. i think i'll have to go to court for it, even, and i'm pretty sure that dude measured my speed while i was, like, trying to speed up so as to get out of his siren-flashing way. ridiculous. i can defiinitely do without a speeding ticket. i ought to look into the feasibility of contesting it. nolo, maybe? hmm.
Friday, November 2
this iron chef episode doesn't have morimoto! it's got some other guy. who the hell's he?
Thursday, November 1
"this is supposed to be a dialogue. it sounds more like a diatribe."--the amazing steven hill
ooh, the library has a guerrilla girls video. that's too rad.
today kara and i moved a bunch of furniture around, and among other things we're going to ditch the coffee table and replace it with two small end-ish tables. also, i brought this busted-ass rocking chair, which i picked out of someone's trash, inside the house, and have begun what i suspect is the first in a series of half-ass repairs to a loose joint between an armrest and a leg. this particular repair effort involves an inner tube wrapped around the joint. i'm hoping that the addition of air will make the inner tube hold the two pieces firmly together. alas, however, i can't find my bicycle pump, with which to inflate said inner tube.
when i was a child, i really hated 'all in the family.' i totally didn't get it. now, however, i can't watch enough of it.
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